Steel Frame Specialists. Archtectural Detailers. Project Support.
Steel Frame Specialists. Architectural Detailers. Project Support. 

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Our Services
Clickworks ... we link customer designs with technical know-how to create cost effective solutions that work. 
  1. Architectural Detailing
    Clickworks have a team of Architectural Detailers that are ready to turn your Concepts into Consents. We have dealt with most NZ councils and are familiar with their requirements. We can handle single dwellings to large scale residential projects and co-ordinate sub consultants such as fire and structural engineers. Find how we can help make your project progress faster and more cost effectively.
  2. Light Steel Frame Detailing
    Clickworks specialise in Steel Frame detailing and design. We have one of the best and most experienced teams in New Zealand. Our most senior operator has over 16 years of steel framing design experience and is backed up by a team of competent operators to ensure the job gets done quickly and cost effectively. Ask us to show you the benefits of building with steel frames.
  3. Structural Engineering Design
    Clickworks has Structural Detailers whom work closely with Structural Engineers and have engineering knowledge. This helps us keep costs down and speed up the consent process. We deal with Engineers on a daily basis, so we have strong relationships which helps us keep costs down and performance up. If your project needs engineering, see how we can do it better.
  4. Architectural Design Support
    Clickworks is all about creating synergies between Clients, Councils, Developers, Professionals and Architects. We like to take the pieces and join them all together. Rather than competing with other designers we prefer to assist with our detailing team to provide the horsepower needed to get large projects moving. Bring your concepts and let us show you how we can help.
  5. Steel Frame Technical Support
    If you build with Steel Framing, you or your team will undoubtedly have a few questions. This is why we have built our team with that in mind. We have the experience to be able to provide full onsite support where and when needed to ensure your project moves as smoothly as possible. Steel Frames provide many benefits, and our team is here to make sure you get to enjoy those benefits.
  6. Structural Steel Detailing
    Structural Steel Detailing is part of our daily workload. Often we can design out Structural Steel and replace it with Light Gauge Framing which is a lot quicker on site, cheaper and involves less trades. We have developed a range of light gauge portals which can replace garage door portals, lintels and bracing beams. Send us your plans and we can show you how to save time and cost.
  7. Resource Consent
    Clickworks is well familiar with the NZ resource consent requirements for residential housing projects. We have the expertise to take your project from bare land through to sub division consent approval. We are also familiar with different title requirements and have good relationships with Surveyors and Lawyers that can cover all of New Zealand.
  8. Landscape Design
    Many developments require Landscape plans and designs to be used for such purposes as resource consents, sale and purchase agreements or just to show the clients what they are getting. We have a Landscape Architect on staff that can assist and generate plans that meet the various requirements of your clients and local authorities.
  9. Fire Reporting
    Fire reporting and engineering is becoming more important as local authorities tighten up on the rules and property developments become more densely populated. We have experience in high density multi storey apartment fire requirements and can provide fire reports and design systems that meet the building code requirements which are cost effective and quick to build.